Color Match

When hardwood, bamboo or cork flooring doesn’t match between cartons:

Wood, bamboo and cork flooring may not color match from carton to carton, and because the products are natural there are no dye lots. No two pieces of wood, bamboo or cork will match in color, grain or texture, so you should expect them to vary from piece to piece.

Some cartons of flooring may appear to have more light or dark material in comparison to others; this is normal and can be expected. To minimize the predominance of all dark or light sections, flooring installers “rack” the flooring, which is the practice of pulling from multiple (3-5) cartons of flooring at one time to scatter the unique pieces throughout installation.
Higher “grade” materials which are chosen for exhibiting less of the natural characteristics such as mineral streaking, knots, and color variance will have a better matched appearance and are available at a premium price.