Ebac CD100 Dehumidifier – Low Temp Commercial Quality

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Ebac CD100 Dehumidifier - Low Temp Commercial Quality

Ebac CD100 97-Pint Commercial DehumidifierThe Ebac CD100 97-pint commercial dehumidifier is a free-standing solution to many of the damaging problems that arise from excess moisture in the air, such as the growth of mold and mildew spores, the rotting of your building or inventory, and rust to cars or other metal objects. The appliance includes a Heavy-duty epoxy powder-coated chassis Carrying handle for ease of mobility97 pints of moisture removal in a 24 hour periodReverse CycleThis unit is designed to operate in low temperatures.Built for convenience and efficiency, the Ebac CD100 97-pint commercial dehumidifier has a unique reverse cycle that automatically defrost internal components and melt away icy build up for effective operation. Floating CompressorThe unit is fully protected with the Ebac floating compressor. The floating compressor offers vibration control and mobility protection so you can use it as a portable unit and apply to just about any situation. Special Features Include Adjustable humidistatCoverage for 3,528 sq. ft.Corrosion resistantFloating compressor for vibration and mobility protectionPermanent or portability installationHeavy duty design for commercial useCommercial or Industrial ApplicationEnjoy a wide range of applications with this versatile unit. Ideal for industry, institutional, rental, or home use, apply this powerful dehumidifier to agriculture, kitchens, pumping stations, ships, laboratories, oil rigs, basements, or sports halls!Permanent or Freestanding UseYou can easily transport the Ebac CD100 97-pint commercial dehumidifier from site to site, or permanently mount and duct for fixed application. This unit is quite versatile and extremely effective and includes a mounting bracket if needed.

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