Flooring Expert Witness

FloorReports is the number one source of expert witnesses who consult and testify on all areas of flooring.

An Expert Witness is a recognized authority in a relatively narrow area of expertise.

1. Generalists do not normally make the best Experts.
2. Expert Witnesses are important to the litigation process.
3. Expert Witness opinions carry great weight in the final outcome of litigation.
4. Expert Witnesses are objective, independent subject-matter experts. They are not advocates.
5. Ultimately, the Judge determines if an individual is an “Expert” in their field.
Experts found here may consult on issues involving defects in manufacturing or installation, performance issues, warranty claims, improper specification, and slip and fall cases,for carpet, vinyl, hardwood, marble and ceramic floor materials.

Experts found on FloorReports may assist attorneys with cases related to floor covering.

They may also testify in legal cases related to carpet, vinyl tile, floor coverings, laminate flooring, strip flooring, plank flooring, and wood flooring.

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