Precision equipment for best results

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Fortunately for you- Hardwood Flooring Inspectors are the biggest tool junkies I know!

They purchase every new gadget known to man; super magnifiers, scopes, moisture meters, infrared cameras, digital cameras, Ultra Violet lights,  high power lights and magnets….this list could go on forever. WHY? Because in most cases, an inspector’s job is to make a determination on a wood flooring claim without destructive testing

Without the proper tools and training, an  inspector would be incapable of a competent conclusion. They use the best equipment because you, and the commissioning party depend on their expertise for the right answer.

So don’t be intimated if your inspector arrives with a box or bag of tools and gadgets that they proceed to view, measure, poke and prod with- they’re just doing their job in the best interest of all parties involved.

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