Lowboz | Floor Protection – 1 Chair Pack / BLACK

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Lowboz | Floor Protection - 1 Chair Pack / BLACK

LOWBOZ, The Chair Silencer, is a revolutionary new home product that enhances your domestic environment by SILENCING that maddening screeching sound emitted in homes nationwide when chairs are dragged across a room or even when your kids jockey for a better position around the dinner table! LOWBOZ is available in several designer colors to match your decor: BROWN or WOOD to complement your wooden chairs; GRAY to blend with metal chairs; WHITE for your kitchen or outdoor chairs. BLACK to complement painted metal or wooden chairs. And remember--LOWBOZ: Stop noise! Stop floor scratching & scuffing! Install easily without hardware or adhesives. Integrate seamlessly with your chair. LOWBOZ, The Chair Silencer... for a peaceful, tranquil home.

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