Maintenance Tip for Wood Flooring with Gaps or Cracks

I love my wood flooring- best decision I’ve ever made. 5″ wide stained Maple, simply gorgeous. But I realized at the end of the first winter the floor was going to take a little extra TLC to keep it looking great.

Although wood flooring is typically easy to maintain by dusting, vacuuming and occasional damp mopping, a little extra maintenance is needed for floors with gaps between the boards.

Wood flooring develops gaps during the heating season when the wood shrinks; wider boards (over 3.25″ in width), will have wider gaps. When the boards shrink and develop gaps, small particles of debris collects in them; especially in higher use areas and rooms like the kitchen.  When the heat is turned off, and before outdoor the humidity increases, extra care should be taken to remove the debris because; debris stops the gaps from closing completely. Leaving debris in the gaps will eventually lead to permanent gaps filled with dark, sticky gunk.

To remove: carefully vacuum each of the gaps with a soft brush. If the debris is stuck in the gap a little hand scraping with a paper clip, dull knife or other thin metal or plastic tool will loosen it. After loosening the stuck debris repeat vacuuming until all the debris is gone.

This Spring Cleaning will keep your hardwood floor looking great for years to come!