Protect your Carpet and Flooring from UV Light Damage

Summer heat can cause severe hot spots and uneven temperatures near windows and sliding doors, resulting in an overloaded air conditioning unit and high utility bills. The intense glare from the sun not only makes the living space uncomfortable, it results in premature fading of carpets and color changes in flooring. Special care should be taken to protect your Wool and Nylon Carpet, Wood, Cork, Bamboo and Vinyl floors from sun-fade and color changes caused by UV light by blocking sunlight or installing a UV protector.

Most homes and commercial buildings have traditional window treatments such as blinds or shutters to keep the sun’s heat out; they do a good job of protecting the furnishing and occupants, but when the blinds or shutters are closed, the amount of sunlight in a room may be reduced or eliminated. If you enjoy natural light, but not the damage it causes, the best option is to install window coverings that reflect the sunlight, and keep it out of your living space.

We recommend Awnings, Solar Shades and Window Films for protecting your carpets and flooring.

Awnings are wonderful option for covering a deck, outdoor patio or breezeway. Awnings will cool the space and extend your home to an outdoor living space. Awnings are more costly to purchase and install, but will add years of enjoyment to your home. Overall heat reduction during summer can be as dramatic as 65% for south-facing windows, and 77% for eastern and western-facing windows.

  • Retractable awnings don’t present many physical barriers
  • Fixed or stationary awnings are best placed over windows, doors and entryways. 

Solar Shades limit the amount of sunlight entering the space; because they reduce glare and UV rays from entering the space, carpets, flooring and furnishings are protected from sun-fading and color changes. Solar shades typically come in “roll up” style, for interior or exterior use in varying shades of gray, black, brown and white.

Window Films are usually rated by the percentage of infrared light and heat they reject. Window Film is available for permanent installation, or in panels that can be removed, stored and reinstalled when needed. Window films are available in clear, frosted, patterned, mirrored, and gray-black shades for ultimate privacy.

Styles of Window Film:

  • Decorative panels offer 80-90% UV protection, Heat/Light protection; and up to 99% UV block and 80% heat block
  • Privacy Window film allows you to see out, but blocks people from seeing in; available in varying degrees of darkness.
  • Security films offer increase shatter-resistance.

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