Tu-Tuf #4 9′ X 100′ Vapor Barrier

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Tu-Tuf #4 9' X 100' Vapor Barrier

Moisture is generally present in warm air, but insulation's effectiveness is often compromised by dampness. Using a vapor barrier between insulation andThe warmer, more moist side ofThe insulation will help to maintainThe insulation's performance. Tu-Tuf #4 is an excellent quality cross-laminated virgin poly sheeting, made from high density resins. It is strong and durable, with a 4-mil thickness. On above ground levels, Tu-Tuf should be run completely aroundThe structure, including walls and ceiling, resulting in zero wind chill infiltration. Below grade, Tu-Tuf should be installed aroundThe outside perimeter fromThe base toThe ground level, and laid underThe concrete flooring, eliminating moisture migration. Tu-Tuf #4 is white with a smooth texture, whileThe XF version is translucent with a slightly ribbed texture. Vapor Permeance: 0.00741 Water Resistance: 100 dry indicator/hour Tensile Strength: 8507 psi, 34 lbs. per inch width Puncture Resistance: 275.8 beach units (6 times more puncture resistant than 3-mil poly)

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