Hardwood flooring is an investment meant to provide you with years of service, however; circumstances may arise such as installation errors, product failure or poor site conditions, turning your dream floor into a living nightmare.

Wood flooring inspectors are experts in determining the cause of a complaint and the party/parties responsible. Inspectors are often retained to settle complaints in hopes of avoiding legal action. Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors are available to investigate the cause of a complaint and render a non-biased report based on Observations and Indicative Field Tests obtained at the time of inspection. Inspectors are equipped to test for conditions such as moisture. Moisture causes the greatest damage to wood flooring, and is typically the root cause of complaints.

Common complaints requiring inspections: cupping, crowning, gaps, splits-checks, and Sand and Finish problems.

Certified Wood Flooring Inspector’s hold one or more certifications with
the Hardwood Flooring Industry’s leading recognized associations: NOFMA, NWFA and IICRC.