Hardwood Floor Installation: Matching Original Flooring With New Flooring

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Hardwood Floor Installation: Matching Original Flooring With New Flooring

Hardwood floors add a classic, timeless appeal to any home. However, one of the challenges that homeowners often face during remodeling or expansion is how to seamlessly match new hardwood flooring with the original.

When done correctly, the result can be a beautiful, continuous wooden surface that enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of the home. Here are effective strategies for matching original hardwood flooring with new flooring.

The Characteristics of Your Original Flooring

Before purchasing new wood, take the time to examine and understand the specifics of your existing floor. Pay attention to the wood type, plank width, grain pattern, color, and finish. In older homes, the planks might be wider than most standard hardwood flooring available today. The wood species is also crucial as different types of wood have unique grain patterns and color variations.

Choose the Right Wood

Once you have a clear understanding of your existing flooring, the next step is to choose the right wood for the new area. It's usually best to match the species of wood with the original flooring for consistency in appearance and wear. If an exact match isn't available, opt for a species with a similar grain pattern and color.

Remember, even within the same species, wood can differ based on its age and where it was harvested, so choose carefully.

Consider Plank Size and Installation Direction

Match the plank width and length of the new flooring to the original for a seamless look. If you cannot find an exact match, consider refinishing the entire floor to achieve uniformity.

The direction of installation is also essential for a cohesive look. It's typically best to lay the new planks in the same direction as the old ones unless structural or aesthetic considerations suggest otherwise.

Matching the Color and Finish

Matching the color of new and old wood can be challenging, especially as wood changes color with age and exposure to sunlight. Unfinished hardwood gives you the flexibility to stain and finish the wood after installation for a closer match. If you choose prefinished flooring, order samples first to compare them with your existing floor.

Professional sanding and refinishing can help blend the old and new sections, ensuring a uniform appearance. Note that the finishes should also match. Whether your original floor has a matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish, try to replicate it on the new flooring.

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